Brave browser declared war with Google advertising machine

A small browser declared war with Google and its advertisements. The creators of the application have stated that they do not agree with the search engine policy in terms of dealing with ad blockers and have redesigned their blocking tool so that it now works ten times faster.

In this story, even the name of the browser is fine – Brave, that is, “brave”. It works on the Chromium engine, a free platform developed by Google. But recently, the search engine announced that it changes the principle of operation of this engine so that third-party extensions can not block ads. If to simplify, now the algorithm works like this: third-party applications can intercept requests from your browser to the server, filter those related to loading ads, and immediately block them.

Google says that the current principle is unreliable, because it allows a third party to intervene in the request, and, therefore, allows sites to track users. Therefore, the program replaces it with a new software interface, it processes requests directly by the engine itself, but this deprives third-party expansion of the ability to block content, and also disrupts other additions, for example, various scripts for downloading videos or automatic page processing.

The creators of the Brave browser said they would use the old programming interface, which would allow them to block ads as before. The developers even updated the technology, making it 69 times faster. It is true that users of this speed will not notice, but the load on the processor will decrease.

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And about the subtleties of technology. Microsoft has announced that it will “kill” all e-books purchased at its online store. They just actually cease to exist. The company promises to pay the full cost of the purchases, plus if you made any notes in the book, you will receive an extra $ 25 dollars in compensation.

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