Brave will create a decentralized VPN

The Brave blockchain browser is creating a new virtual private network (VPN) system, which will be based on decentralization and cryptocurrency, providing users with additional anonymity.

VPNs usually function by changing the user’s geographic location and creating a private network tunnel through which web traffic is routed.

Other VPN providers were involved in the sale of user data to third parties, thereby violating the privacy of customers.

Brave aims to create a fully decentralized private network with cryptocurrency support. The solution is called VPN⁰ and will use zero-knowledge proof to preserve anonymity.

VPN⁰ allows relay nodes to control what traffic they transmit without recognizing the content itself. Zero-disclosure proof is a cryptographic method that allows the reviewer prove to the verifier that a particular statement is true, without disclosing any information other than the validity of this statement.

Brave has already proposed integrating VPNs into BitTorrent to create a pseudo-search engine for users to find hosts for their traffic.

However, as many users have quickly pointed out, a fully decentralized VPN will also allow you to host illegal web traffic. Without security measures, customers will not risk placing dVPN data.

The Brave browser is quite popular. It has already bypassed Firefox, Opera and Chrome in the Google Play store.

brave browser

In this browser, among other things, you can store Ethereum Tokens, and not so long ago, Brave added support for Ledger and Trezor.

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