Browser Brave caught in the substitution of referral links when clicking on certain URLs

The Internet web browser Brave, which is a Chromium-based product, has been caught by users in the substitution of referral links when they go to certain sites. For example, the referral code is added to the link when switching to “”.

Similarly, the browser behaves when someone go to some other sites related to cryptocurrency. According to available data, a referral link is substituted when switching to resources such as Ledger, Coinbase and Trezor. This feature is enabled by default for all Brave users. You can disable it by going to the appropriate menu brave – settings – appearance.

Brave developers do not hide the fact that the company earns from various affiliate programs. However, this practice of automatic substitution of referral links can negatively affect the reputation of the web browser, as users are not warned about this.

Brave co-founder Brendan Eich, commenting on this issue, wrote in his Twitter account that the browser should not substitute any additions when clicking on the user-specified URL. “Sorry for this mistake – we are clearly imperfect, but we will quickly adjust the course” – Mr. Hayk said.

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According to available data, at the moment the developers have already found a solution to the problem with the substitution of referral links. To do this, the function responsible for inserting links was disabled by default, whereas previously it was activated for all Brave users.

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