Cactus World Launches First NFT Kids TV Show

Recently, non-fungible tokens (NFT) have been crammed literally everywhere, finding a wide variety of applications for this technology. This is due to the fact that NFT began to gain more and more popularity among various developers, artists and musicians, although earlier this sector was known primarily to investors.

Cactus NFT, Cactus Metaverse and other cactus developments – And now another original application of NFT technology is presented to the world. The new idea was implemented in a project called Cactus World, under which anyone can purchase special Cactus Seed tokens, which gives them a number of advantages in the form of various gifts and access to the Cactus World community through private Discord channels. In addition, owners of such NFTs will be able to obtain rare collectible 2D NFTs from Cactus World, as well as a corresponding 3D model that can be shown on a children’s TV show. In addition, the new cactus NFTs can be used in the future in other creations of the Cactus World community, such as games, cryptocurrency and, of course, the metaverse.

It is worth noting that some relatively well-known visual effects artists have participated in the creation of Cactus World, who have already managed to win awards such as Oscars and Golden Globes, as well as participated in the creation of famous films such as Black Panther, World of Warcraft ” and many others. We are talking about Leo Crayden and Abel Vargas. And as these artists reported, they want to use their rich experience to evolve the Cactus World universe and create something unique.

Cactus World plans to donate part of its funds to charity and education – Inaddition, according to the project’s creators, Cactus World will also donate a portion of its income to charity. Such funds will go to promote reforestation, environmental charity, and research into technologies that will shape the future of the entire planet. In total, such charity will go to 1% of the entire Cactus Foundation.

Finally, Cactus World will promote education for both children and adults through special scholarships provided by the project’s foundation Cacti College. Of course, special attention will be paid to those who are interested in 3D art and animation, and also plan to connect their future careers with them. The founders of the Cactus World project themselves will act as direct mentors.

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