Central Bank of China is looking for specialists to develop a state digital currency

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the country’s central bank, plans to hire six more technical experts to develop and launch its own digital currency.

According to a statement released this week, the PBoC is opening several vacancies in its units, including vacancies in the Institute for Digital Currency Research. The Institute is looking for candidates with experience in computer systems, cryptocurrencies, microelectronics and econometrics for research and development of a digital currency supported by the central bank.

The main responsibilities of the new employees will be to develop software systems for digital currency, to conduct technical research and development of trading terminals for digital currency, as well as to analyze areas related to fintech, payments and clearing.

In particular, the experts from Central Bank said that they would prefer people with experience in designing integrated systems, developing or using blockchain, developing platforms for big data, researching cryptocurrencies, payment and settlement systems.


The PBoC has been researching and developing its digital currency since 2014. In August, information appeared that the Central Bank was ready to launch its own cryptocurrency, however, in September, the PBoC denied rumors about the imminent issue of the state digital currency.

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