Chinese authorities have identified Bitcoin as a “safe haven” for investors

Has the Chinese government decided to change the opinion about Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies? Recall that in 2017, a moratorium was imposed on the initial proposals of tokens and the work of crypto exchanges in the country. Although the use of digital currencies in the China is not prohibited.

Official Beijing recently made an unexpected statement, calling the top cryptocurrency a “safe haven” for investors. This is written in the government newspaper “Xinhua”. Most likely, such a statement the Chinese authorities have decided against the background of increasing geopolitical tensions. This trend is visible both in the country and around the world.


The publication says that since the beginning of this year there has been a market volatility and the tension of trade disputes, with the result that the world economy is losing momentum. In turn, Bitcoin shows itself as a “safe asset”, which attracts the attention of many. The growth of interest is observed after the announcement of the launch of the cryptocurrency “Libra” by Facebook.

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