Chinese taxi service Didi will start using the Digital Yuan

Didi could be the first private company to accept the national cryptocurrency of the People’s Bank of China. The second most popular taxi booking application – Didi, could become the first private company to start accepting national cryptocurrencies for payment, according to the consulting company BlocksBridge. This is all about a Digital Yuan, which is being prepared to be release by the People’s Bank of China.

BlocksBridge emphasized that there are no details or official confirmation from the Didi application operator. However, news about this should appear in the near future.

At the moment, the People’s Bank of China is evaluating the stability and practical value of the Digital Renminbi functions , as well as ease of use, the possibility of application at various sites and risk control.


Central Bank Governor Yi Gan said that high-level development, standard setting, function research, and integration testing of the crypto-coin have been completed, but denied information about its imminent release.

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