Choose Your Jewelry Design School

No matter what profession you choose to get into it’s always a good idea to receive some type of education in that field. There are many jewelry design schools across the United States that have trained many quality professionals hone in on their skills in this profession. If you are interested in pursuing a career in jewelry design then read through this article. Listed are a variety of schools to choose from and what each has to offer.

Located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County FIDM is one of the most well renown design schools in California. The full name of FIDM is Fashion School of Design and Merchandising. This is a private college that inhabits 4 of Los Angeles’ most populated areas. What’s great about this school is that it is located up and down in 4 locations across the coast of California. This means that you can do a bit of traveling and take classes in different cities and still complete your degree. While are FIDM students learn the history of trends and how to decipher the future direction of trends. Students are required to create their own jewelry and learn what it takes every step of the way. This is a good institution to learn how to create jewelry from the ground up.

The Jewelry Arts and Design College is another fine institution to learn how to craft jewelry. The three programs at this jewelry design school include diamond, colored stone I and colored stone II. You learn a variety of information about each subject when taking classes. You can also study metal arts, waxing, casting and molding at the JDAC.

On the east coast the Fashion Institute of Technology offers courses in Jewelry. This jewelry design school is recognized for training some of the top talent in the nation. If you are in the east coast or wish to live in New York City and study at jewelry this is the school for you. Learn how to create a precious keepsake, luxurious ornament or make a fabulous fashion statement. This is the only school in the country that offers two-dimensional aspects in relation to jewelry fabrication courses. With New York being such an inspiring city when it comes to art a lot of people find work as soon as they complete their program.

Finding the right jewelry design school for you is all about your needs. In order to be successful as a jewelry designer you must feel comfortable where you study. There are many schools across the nation that can help you build your skills. Choose one that you feel comfortable with and you will learn how to craft unique jewelry. Keep in mind that some recognized colleges also offer jewelry design courses. You do not have to make jewelry your number one priority, you can make it a minor or a side hobby that you do for fun. Find somewhere to learn how to craft jewelry and you can provide all your friends and family with uniquely crafted pieces of art.

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