Choosing a Jewellery Box

A jewellery box is much more than simply a box – jewellery boxes have been lovingly created by skilled craftsmen down the centuries, places in which to store all of the precious treasures and gems of the very finest and richest ladies and gentlemen. Of course nowadays most girls and women have a jewellery box of some sort, not just the extremely wealthy.

These days there are many different types of jewellery box to choose from so whether you are purchasing a jewellery box for your own use or (more usually) one as a gift for a friend or family member there are just a few things which you need to take into account.

A jewellery box can, in itself, be an indication of wealth and position. Not only are they designed to store and protect precious jewels and other treasures they can also themselves be used to signify sophistication, wealth and heritage. Even the simplest piece of jewellery can be handsomely embellished and enhanced within the setting of a well designed jewellery box. Choosing the right style and design can create a real ambience for your special pieces.
When choosing the perfect jewellery box;

Think about your entire jewellery collection or the jewellery which your friend or family member will want to store within the box. Do they have a large collection of rings or are they more into wearing bracelets? Do they prefer to wear silver or gold jewellery or a combination of both precious metals? Try to pick out a box which will not only store the pieces well but also enhance the quality of their treasures.

The size of the jewellery box is also important. It is important that each individual piece of jewellery can be stored separately. If they are squashed into the box or stored too closely together the pieces may rub together and, over time diminish their appearance and their value.

You may decide that it would be a better idea to buy two jewellery boxes for the maximum effect. This all depends upon the size of the individual jewellery collection which will need to be stored. If someone has gold and silver jewellery in equal quantities it may be an idea to store them in separate boxes. Putting too much jewellery into one box can make it appear to be very mismatched and cluttered and may even cause damage to some of the pieces.

wooden boxJewellery boxes are very personal items used to store a person’s most treasured, expensive and often delicate possessions. Think about the size of the box, the look of the box and the types of pieces which will actually be stored within the box. If you choose the best box for your collection it really can enhance your treasures as well as look terrific itself either displayed on a dresser or kept safely within a drawer, wardrobe or cupboard.
A jewellery box really does make a terrific gift for the lady in your life and if you put a little extra thought into choosing the perfect gift it can make a world of difference.

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