Coinbase has released a plug-in that allows online stores to accept cryptocurrencies

One of the world’s largest crypto-exchange Coinbase has released a plug-in for work with WooCommerce, a platform that allows online stores to accept payments in cryptocurrencies for purchases. This is stated in the company’s blog.

Now users will be able to pay for goods using bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. In the future, the Coinbase Exchange will introduce support for other digital coins. The statement notes that the WooCommerce platform is already used by more than a quarter of all online stores in the world, so the financial institution does not exclude a new crypto currency boom.

exchangeA few days ago, Coinbase began accepting pounds sterling to simplify the purchase of cryptocurrency. Representatives of the exchange believe that this will allow users to save on commissions for transactions, which will slightly increase trading volumes.

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