Coinbase resumes fast payments for UK users

Coinbase customers in the UK will get now again fast transfer payments on the exchange. In August, reports appeared that the British giant financial services Barclays had stopped providing banking services to Coinbase. At that time, Coinbase became a client of ClearBank, a UK banking startup.

However, due to the change of partnership, Coinbase has lost access to the British faster payment scheme (FPS), which allowed users to instantly deposit and withdraw British pounds on the exchange.

After three months of losing the FPS service, Coinbase resumed offering this feature to its customers. Coinbase’s institutional and retail customers will be able to make deposits and withdraw funds very fast – in less than 60 seconds.

Due to problems, Coinbase was planning to transfer all European accounts from the UK to another jurisdiction. But, as we see, until it came to this.

The American crypto exchange announced a review of the procedure for calculating fees on its platform. On October 7, the size of commissions for users whose transaction volume does not exceed $ 10,000 per month will be increased by as much as 233%. This exchange policy has caused great dissatisfaction from users.


At the same time, Coinbase is a stock exchange that shows the most accurate trading data, trying not to sin with the cheat.

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