CoinFly platform for centralized management of the cryptocurrency mining process

The new CoinFly product is primarily intended for use by industrial miners. But home mining will also benefit greatly from the implementation of the new service. How the new platform from CoinFly works and what benefits does it give users?

The creation of the CoinFly ecosystem began in 2019, and today everything that is necessary for simple and profitable mining of cryptocurrencies is integrated into its functionality. CoinFly allows you to automate all the routine actions of the miner, control income and expenses, and optimize the main costs.

At the same time, the platform architecture takes into account the development perspective and is focused on smooth development and expansion of functionality. Recently, ASIC class devices are supported that are connected to monitoring directly without firmware.

CoinFly is launching open testing of a new mining platform that can manage complex accounting related to cryptocurrency mining in a few clicks. First of all, it is designed for industrial miners and mining hotels, which have thousands of devices and voluminous reports at their disposal. But home miners will also use it to get a simple and intuitive interface without the need for complex readjustments. The platform will become a useful tool for those professionals and businessmen whose main income is mining.

This is especially important in light of the government’s efforts to combat illegal income, as well as the recently adopted Law on Digital Financial Assets (DFA) and the Law on Digital Currency, which will be considered by the State Duma at its autumn session. Thanks to the management and accounting functionality that will appear in the near future, the movement of funds will be absolutely transparent and understandable. Users will be able to work with several accounts of different access levels, as well as upload reports in the form of IFRS.

The platform’s tools cover the needs of investors, technicians, industrial and small miners. In addition to controlling income and expenses and optimizing basic costs, the CoinFly platform also allows you to automate other routine miner’s actions.

You can manage mining processes of any scale and on any equipment through a single interface. At the same time, the commission on the CoinFly pool for another two months will be equal to 0%. And if you mine on the CoinFly pool, you can receive PPS + rewards and see all telemetry and pool statistics in one window. You can join the pool using the link.

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