Company from UK will release futures for Ethereum

Crypto Facilities will launch futures for Ethereum. These are the first futures contracts on an adjustable platform. According to the head of Crypto Facilities Timo Schlaefer, futures for Ethereum will expand the capabilities of the popular cryptocurrency and will improve the manageability of risks, as well as attract new investors to the network.

To support the contracts, Crypto Facilities will cooperate with the companies Akuna Capital and B2C2. The introduction of futures allows traders to take short and long positions at the conclusion of contracts.

A week earlier, the Securities Commission (SEC), in conjunction with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), put forward a discussion on the recognition of Ethereum tokens by securities. Interest in the Ethereum on the part of the Regulators arose after the pre-sale of the coins – tokens in 2014. Then the investors acquired Eather in the hope of increasing their price. And at this stage, the ETH is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

However, representatives of the Ethereum Foundation have already noted that in case of recognition of the Ether as a security, the company will challenge this decision to the court, as this may adversely affect its course. In addition, then the company will have to go through the registration procedure with the SEC and temporarily suspend trading. Source:

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