Core Scientific has opened a major mining center for Ethereum mining in Kentucky

Core Scientific announced the launch of a new mining center with a maximum capacity of up to 125 MW in Kentucky. The capacities of Core Scientific are mainly represented by GPU miners for Ethereum mining and, to a lesser extent, ASIC miners for bitcoin and GPUs for working with other blockchains.

“Core Scientific is breathing life into a steel mill that closed in 2016” the firm writes. “An upscale blockchain enterprise with specialized buildings built with the thermodynamics in mind already serves over 30 MW on clients’ blockchain servers and is ready to increase its total capacity to 125 MW.”

On its website, the company claims to be partnering with Nvidia, Intel and Cisco, but not with AMD.

Christie-Lee Minehan, who served as COO of Core Scientific, is one of the main proponents of a change in the Ethereum mining algorithm called “ProgPoW”, considered to be added to one of the future updates of the second largest cryptocurrency. According to Trustnodes, ProgPoW supposedly allows customers to achieve better results when working with Nvidia equipment than with AMD.

“The Calvert City facility is a high-density data center that expands Core Scientific capacities to 250 MW in five data centers with a value of up to 400 MW in the future” – the company said.

“We invest in infrastructure and software solutions to help our customers improve the performance of their servers” – said Kevin Turner, CEO of Core Scientific. “Our goal is to provide optimized conditions for the latest generation of blockchain servers and create capacity for global customers, thanks to which they can safely be placed on a stable American market.”


In October, it became known that the Chinese company Bitmain opened a large mining center in the American Rockdale with support for capacities up to 50 MW.

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