CPC launches 25 video lessons about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

On the Chinese platform Xuexi.cn, there are videos aimed at educating people about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. This site is the “Bible of Chinese Communists” and its mobile application according to the Chinese App Store has become one of the most popular, having overtaken the watchdog of the Chinese market by number of downloads: the social network TikTok and the WeChat messenger.

The lessons were published by the head of the advertising department of the CPC Central Committee (Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party). In total, 25 video tutorials have been posted that detail what Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, and some aspects of blockchain technology are. Thanks to these videos, every Communist of the party will master the basic concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general.

The idea of ​​creating these video tutorials is preceded by several important events: The National Congress of China passed the “Cryptography Law” the day after the speech of the CCP General Secretary, Xi Jinping, who said he supported the development and implementation of blockchain technology in China.

China or the USA? China is several steps ahead of the United States in the cryptocurrency industry. The US Congress is still not sure about Facebook Libra. Digital currency may be deprived of the right of existence by the country’s parliament.

Meanwhile, the “Cryptography Law” passed by the Chinese Congress will enter into force on January 1, 2020 and will open the way for the digital renminbi.

chinese flag and crypto

The president of the country also added good news, promising to bring the country to the blockchain.

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