Cryptanalyst predicted 300% growth of bitcoin by the end of the year

Cryptanalyst Lark Davis is confident that by the end of this year, bitcoin will rise in price by 300% and update its historical maximum. The last time the price of a digital coin updated its historical maximum in mid-April at $ 64.8 thousand. After that, the quotes went down and in May the cryptocurrency reached $ 30 thousand for the first time since January. In June, the bitcoin rate fell to $ 28.8 thousand. Since July 20, the cryptocurrency has grown by 70%.

According to the analyst, in the case of 300% growth, the capitalization of the main cryptocurrency will reach $ 5 trillion.

Yesterday, on August 23, the price of bitcoin for the first time since mid-May exceeded $ 50 thousand. The capitalization of the crypto market increased to $ 2.2 trillion.

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