Crypto Analyst: XRP Ready For Bullish Trend

XRP not only rose on the upward trend, but also showed good results with the end of a long-awaited bullish move.

For the first time since 2018, XRP has passed the 100 SMA line, having passed the level of psychosocial resistance $ 0,30. In the same optimal way, according to the opinion of the leading analyst of the well-known research company Blockfyre (focused on money transfers of cryptocurrencies) has regained its 2017 resistance level.

The crypto analyst carefully observed the XRP movement and came to the conclusion that the crypto asset would start a Bullish Trend soon.

The last few weeks XRP has grown and surpassed the market, surpassing a number of barriers and many years of slow motion, which has been going on for a long time. In the last 30 days the price of XRP, has grown by 60%.

Analyst said that since the market started to show higher maximum, XRP has stopped the most high weekly closing. For the first time in the last 959 days, the upper maximum was displayed.

Experienced crypto analysts admit that XRP has managed to surpass the level of $ 0,30, which in 2017 was the start of a big growth. Here we cannot forget that this growth was supported by the rise in the price of BTC, which is hardly possible in the current conditions.

Analyst also pointed to another important point concerning the current XRP indicators. In particular, XRP has raised the level of support for 2018, which has led it to conclude that “this should be the official start of the bull’s dream.”

The XRP proponent and the well-known Crypto Bitlord crypto-trader also optimally estimates the XRP price, indicating that he does not have plan to sell the asset.

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