Crypto miners bought the unused Intel factory

The cryptocurrencies mining can be beneficial only if there is available electricity, as well as the presence of other factors that are important for the mining companies. In particular, the climate plays an important role: it should be cool enough that you can not spend money on cooling equipment.

It is assumed that one of the most attractive places for cryptographers may be Colorado Springs, where electricity is cheap enough. So, the company 3G Venture II from California has already invested thirteen million dollars in the purchase of unused Intel factory. New owners intend to use this facility for bitcoin mining.

The production complex includes several buildings with a total area of ​​over 700 thousand square feet. At the same time, not all the premises will be used for mining, but only those located in three buildings. The rest of the area the owner plans to rent out.

bitcoinsExperts noted that the most attractive component of the abandoned production for crypto miners was the engineering infrastructure. In particular, we are talking about separate power sources and a local power station. In addition, the buyer of the facility agreed with the electricity supplier to increase the capacity for the complex purchased by him. Source:

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