Cryptocurrencies came to the tourist industry in the form of crypto tourism

A new enthusiasm for e-money enthusiasts is crypto-tourism. Yes, this is the direction that develops among travelers in connection with the spread of digital money. Travel companies create special travel programs, where crypto and blockchain amateurs can enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean, the Swiss Alps or Singapore in the circle of their like-minded people.

In addition to the usual entertainment and sightseeing, crypto tours and cruises include conferences, exhibitions and panel discussions. The speakers here are well-known and influential experts in the field of blockchain and crypto-currency. For many, the opportunity to hear their industry vision is one of the main reasons for participating in such a journey.

Sometimes cruises are also arranged for the purpose of advertising the initial placement of the cryptocurrency (ICO, the analogue of the IPO). Then their programs include conferences, presentations, and talks with promoters. The target audience of such trips are people who are planning serious investments in blockchain or the cryptocurrency. For example, Israel, which is one of the leading sites for blockchain startups, attracts many enthusiasts through crypto-tourism.

Individual tours are organized to visit specific places, for example, Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley”, for meetings with entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and government officials who are at the forefront of crypto innovation, and are ready to share their experiences.

However, in this sphere there are critics who believe that crypto-tourism is only boring ICO advertising and empty proposals for ignorant participants. They often compare crypto tours with gambling feasts, when a group of rich people take a special flight to an illegal casino, where they have a good time and participate in gambling.

digital moneyNevertheless, despite the fact that not all blockchain and cryptocurrencies are successful, crypto-tourism programs are an excellent platform for uniting like-minded people and promoting innovations in this area. Source:

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