Cryptocurrency Alice has risen in price by 60 thousand percent in a minute

The previously unknown altcoin Alice showed a fantastic growth in value. Since the start of trading, its price has increased by 60 thousand percent.

The Alice token was recently added to the list of traded cryptocurrencies on the Binance crypto exchange.

Trading on it began with a quote of $ 0.1, but a few hours later a maximum growth of $ 60 was registered.

This was followed by a rebound in value, and during the day the altcoin was trading at $ 39. Thus, the profit for investors amounted to 39 thousand percent at the end of 12-hour trading.

The blockchain project My Neighbor Alice has been listed on the Binance Launchpool platform. Exchange users can receive the Alice token as dividends for storing Binance’s internal cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets: BNB and BUSD.

Such cases are not uncommon on cryptocurrency exchanges when new coins are added. The main thing is to have time to get out with a profit. Basically, such cryptocurrencies rarely manage to maintain a high level of value in the future.

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