Cryptocurrency company acquired a startup planning to mine minerals on asteroids

Today it is difficult to find an area in the business where the blockchain would not have penetrated. However, sometimes the commercial activities of some companies are no less innovative than this technology itself. This week it became known that the Brooklyn-based company ConsenSys, which specializes in cryptocurrencies, has acquired a startup Planetary Resources, which plans to mine minerals on asteroids.

It is not yet clear how the cooperation of two seemingly distant organizations will be carried out. However, the founder of ConsenSys, Joe Lubin, one of the prominent co-developers of Ethereum, said that his company would be engaged in the “decentralization of space projects.” The wording, although blurry, is generally consistent with activities in the blockchain environment.

asteroidLubin commented on the deal, stating that he was fascinated by the courage of Planetary Resources business and shared their views on the future. According to him, the introduction of space projects on the blockchain environment is consistent with the belief that Ethereum contributes to the development of human society. How the joint business of a cryptocurrency firm and a space startup will help humanity, Lubin promised to tell in detail in the coming months.

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