Cryptocurrency miner has been found in Android emulator Andy OS

The developers of the project are trying to hide this, but now it is unlikely that they will succeed. There was also an instruction to remove malware.

The user of Reddit portal under the nickname TopWire told about the discovery of the cryptocurrency miner in Android-emulator Andy OS. According to the author, malicious software is sewn into the installer of the program and uses the computing power of the computer on which the emulator is started.

As TopWire writes on Reddit, he was looking for a new Android emulator to replace BlueStacks, because he wanted to try something new. Using the article “15 best Android-emulators for PC” from the publication of Android Authority, the user learned about Andy OS and decided to try the program. After downloading files from the official site of the project and installing the emulator TopWire first opened several games, and then noticed a significant drop in the FPS in each of them. The CPU performance test showed that the processes are running at 80% load and a total temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. As a result, a constant background process with the name updater.exe was detected in the task manager, which is the crypto currency miner. It is noteworthy that administrators in the Andy OS support group on Facebook also recommend disabling the antivirus during installation.

The cryptocurrency miner built into Andy OS is not found by antivirus software. In addition, it is not deleted from the system, if you delete the Android-emulator. TopWire reported this situation to developers, providing video installation process, Virustotal scanning and necessary screenshots. Their reaction was extremely surprising – the user was blocked without explanation and removed from the support group on Facebook.

According to TopWire, the Andy OS development team is not interested in solving the problem. The author hopes that thanks to the publication on Reddit, as many people as possible can learn about this, and the creators of the project will make an official statement. Currently Andy OS is removed from the article Android Authority about the best Android-emulators.

andy osIf you are one of the users of Andy OS and now want to remove the program, then for this case TopWire provided instructions on removing the emulator together with the cryptocurrency miner. Be careful! Source:

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