Cryptocurrency Ripple is getting more expensive with the launch of the SBI exchange

Two days ago, the XRP community on the Reddit portal indicated that the SBI Virtual Currencies Exchange had received updates and was preparing to be launched. Today, the trading platform announced the beginning of trading, focusing on the Ripple cryptocurrency. As a result, the asset moved into the green sector and demonstrates a 1.17% increase in value at the time of writing, trading at a price of $ 0.66.

The SBI Holdings team reported that the exchange complies with all registration requirements and passed all the necessary authorities in September – last year, and on June 4 starts trading. The exchange will be known as VCTRADE.

While perform operations on the site can only users registered before October 2017 inclusive. The team’s message says: 20,000 customers who have been registered in advance will receive their access details to the system from now on. Other traders who wish to register on the platform will be able to do so in July 2018.

SBI Holdings CEO Yoshitaka Kitao said that the stock exchange started to work with a delay only because the team wanted to guarantee the safety of the platform users. All this time, the trading platform was tested security systems in the light of the incident with the Coincheck exchange in early 2018. Now that all the checks have been completed, the exchange is ready to serve the first customers.

News about the launch of the platform was received by the community with great enthusiasm. Immediately after the appearance of information on asset trading on the new site, the cost of XRP jumped to $ 0.7, but now has fallen slightly. In any case, the mood in the market remains positive, and the Ripple coin has a chance to move from the dead point in the direction of $ 1 with the inflow of new users. According to plans, the stock exchange is ready to serve 3.5 million Japanese traders. Source:

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