Cryptocurrency-stealing virus detected on the network

The cybersecurity company ESET announced the discovery of a virus on the network that attacks cryptocurrency services and steals cryptocurrency.

Cybersecurity firm ESET has discovered a new type of virus, which the company’s experts called Casbaneiro or Metamorfo. A malicious program collects data on access to cryptocurrency services, such as wallets. To do this, the virus uses social engineering methods, prompting the victims themselves to transmit confidential information to scammers. Casbaneiro functions like a banking trojan: the malware takes screenshots of screens and redirects them to hackers, simulates keyboard actions and captures keystrokes, restricts access to certain websites, installs and launches other tools.

According to the ESET blog, the victims of this type of virus are predominantly residents of Brazil and Mexico.

ESET notes that the virus is able to steal personal information and replace wallet addresses when sending cryptocurrencies through special services, changing these addresses in the clipboard. Thus, the user sends the cryptocurrency to the address of the hacker’s wallet, without suspecting it.

stealing bitcoin

One of the scammers’ wallets has already accumulated 1.2 bitcoins worth almost $ 10,000. The number of incoming transactions at this address was 71.

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