Cryptocurrency Storiqa went up by 190% per day

The company published a test version of the marketplace, and altcoin added two trading platforms – Hotbit and Coinbene. On Thursday, May 31, the average market value of the Storiqa cryptocurrency rose to $ 0.022, although a day before it was traded at $ 0.008. The growth was about 190%. Then the price corrected, now it is at around $ 0.017, which is 108% higher than before may 31st.

A few hours ago, representatives of the company announced in the official Twitter account about the launch of the beta version of the cryptocurrency marketplace Storiqa. At the same time, altcoin added two trading platforms.

green arrowOn the Hotbit exchange, the coin appeared in pairs with bitcoin and ether. In addition, the Chinese Coinbene platform added the opportunity to work with the Storiqa coin, where altcoin is traded only in tandem with the first cryptocurrency. Source:

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