Cryptocurrency trading volume plummets in June by more than 40%

The volume of cryptocurrency trading on online platforms around the world decreased by 42.7% in June compared to May, according to the CryptoCompare report.

The reasons for the collapse of trading were the decline in the price of Bitcoin with its high volatility, as well as the aggressive policy of the Chinese authorities against miners and online exchanges, the report says. So, the bitcoin price in June dropped to $ 33 thousand, and by the end of the month the most popular cryptocurrency fell by 6%.

Trading volume for the month was only $ 2.7 trillion, and the maximum daily trading volume for cryptocurrencies on exchanges was 42.3% lower than the peak value in May.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of the volume of trades performed on it remains Binance, on which transactions for $ 668 billion were made. This is 56% lower than in May. In second place is Hong Kong’s Huobi Global with a trading volume of $ 162 billion (-40.2% compared to May). The top three is closed by the OKEx exchange, registered in the Seychelles ($ 141 billion, -41.6%).

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