Czech Expobank introduced new cryptocurrencies service

Bank customers will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies – One of the banks in the Czech Republic offered its customers a service that combines everyday functions with features useful for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts. Representatives of Expobank CZ said the bank’s customers would be able to sell or buy cryptocurrency, invest in cryptocurrency companies and acquire precious metals through their accounts.

Expobank CZ is positioning itself as the first European bank, which provided its customers with the opportunity to carry out cryptocurrency transactions along with traditional banking. The new service, which they called Neo, is based on the native online banking platform.

Recently, Expobank has entered into partnership agreements with firms that operate in the cryptocurrency services sector. The agreement with Wbtcb will give users the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, for this it will not be necessary to register an independent cryptocurrency wallet.

In turn, the partnership with Fundlift, the largest crowdfunding platform in the Czech Republic, will allow bank customers to invest in Fintech start-ups, including young cryptocurrency companies. Also, the platform will become one of the platforms for ICO.

Neo account holders can also invest in precious metals. Expobank entered into an agreement with the Czech Mint, which produces gold coins and bars. An interesting point: the purchase and sale of gold in the Czech Republic is not taxed.

czech republicThe Czech Republic is one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly European countries. Its capital city has recently led the chart of cities in which it is convenient to use cryptocurrency – there are at least 150 places in Prague where cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment, including hotels, shops, and restaurants.

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