Denmark’s leading bank backs crypto and pledges to reconsider attitudes towards it

The main bank in Denmark points out the current shortcomings of the cryptocurrency market, but in general appreciates it highly and is ready to change its position to a more loyal one in the future.

Danske Bank has clarified its position on cryptocurrencies. The bank admits that it is difficult to enter the market for some reason. However, Denmark’s leading network is giving high marks to digital currency and blockchain, promising to rethink their stance.

The bank’s position at the moment is as follows: cryptocurrencies represent an advanced solution in the field of financial services, and the new market attracts a large number of users, including DB customers. The blockchain technology underlying virtual coins also has great potential.

At the moment, the company cannot open its own services for trading digital assets and their derivatives, and also does not recommend investing in them for several reasons: volatility, weak regulation, opportunities for money laundering, energy intensity.

The cryptocurrency market is gradually strengthening, and its regulation is becoming clearer, which will allow the bank to reconsider its position in the future. Danske Bank also notes: the company will not block the cards of customers who carry out operations with cryptocurrency. The company will treat credit card transactions related to cryptocurrency in the same way as transactions with other assets – it is enough to follow the established rules.

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