Details about the cryptocurrency based on Telegram became known

Telegram spoke about the steps to ensure stability of the cryptocurrency. There was information on how it is planned to create a cryptocurrency based on the popular Telegram messenger. So, the nuances of creating a new level financial system were named. Information about this is published in the Telegram channel “Telegram Doctor (VPN / Proxy)”.

The main problem to be solved is speculation with the currency after its withdrawal. According to the data, one of the important factors of why cryptocurrency is still not able to penetrate the life of citizens everywhere is its high volatility (coefficient of price change). So, no one wants to organize the sale of their goods for cryptocurrency, because they can not predict their rate.

Also in the Telegram channel it was reported that an important factor that the calculation tool has passed from the category of speculative instruments to the niche of everyday economic instruments is the possibility of its accumulation, or the stability of the currency exchange rate.

In this regard, the Telegram team plans to take several steps to prevent such a situation. For example, a team can adjust the exchange rate at a critical time, due to the fact that it owns most of the Gram tokens. In addition, early stage investors who bought Gram at a very low price are prohibited from selling their tokens immediately after the release of the cryptocurrency for all users, when it will cost much more. So, it is possible that owners will not be able to sell cryptocurrency within two to three years.



Also, the cryptocurrency will be provided by a real market inside the messenger. For it at once it will be possible to buy and sell many services inside the messenger. Such measures will ensure the stability of the cryptocurrency created on the Telegram basis, as well as attract new companies and users to the system.

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