Deutsche Bank analyst calls Bitcoin the digital gold of the future

One of the leading financial analysts at Deutsche Bank, Marion Labour, said that Bitcoin (BTC) will enjoy all kinds of advantages of the first cryptocurrency for a long time to come. The expert noted that, despite its volatility, this asset will act as the digital gold of the future. Bitcoin will be able to exist for many centuries and will not be controlled by any state.

Labour believes that, despite such conclusions, investors should be very careful when investing in this cryptocurrency. As of today, the value of an asset is extremely volatile. Most BTC purchases are not made for long-term storage or use as a means of payment, but for the sake of speculation.

The expert noted that Ethereum (ETH) has every chance of becoming a leader in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Calling Bitcoin digital gold, we can safely say that Ethereum will try to get the status of digital silver.

Labour stated that the cryptocurrency market is very dangerous. Any information in the media, as well as a number of actions on the part of whales (for example, large-scale purchases or sales of a digital asset) can seriously affect the value of Bitcoin. Today BTC is not a reliable store of value and it is rather difficult to predict when the rate of this currency will become more stable. At the moment, there are almost no prerequisites for this.

Also, a Deutsche Bank analyst expressed her concern about the lack of legal provisions to regulate the cryptocurrency market. In addition, she stated that she was puzzled by environmental safety issues. According to Labourt, the problem of energy costs for bitcoin mining is obvious, and it needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Earlier, financial analysts at Deutsche Bank stated that digital currencies will completely replace fiat money by about 2030.

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