Dorsey Announces Twitter Integration of Bitcoin

Paid social network services can be bought using cryptocurrency. Twitter;s CEO Jack Dorsey told investors that Bitcoin should become a “big part” of the social network in the future. He sees an opportunity to integrate cryptocurrency both into the company’s existing products and services, as well as into the new Super Follows paid subscriptions and the Tip Jar donation system. TechCrunch writes about this with reference to the quarterly report of Twitter.

Dorsey has long been a proponent of a cryptocurrency that reminds him of the “early days of the Internet.” He recently founded a $ 23.6 million bitcoin cryptocurrency fund with rapper Jay-Z and announced plans to bring his company Square to the decentralized financial services market using cryptocurrency.

The businessman claims that Bitcoin will be one of the three main directions of Twitter development, along with artificial intelligence and decentralization. He also believes that bitcoin is the “best candidate” for becoming the “national currency” of the Internet.

“I believe it is highly essential for Twitter plus Twitter investors that we continue to keep track of these possibilities and make investments more boldly in them” – Dorsey said.

Recall that another big fan of the cryptocurrency billionaire Elon Musk recently admitted that not only his Tesla, but also the space company SpaceX, has bitcoins.

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