El Salvador will mine Bitcoins using volcanoes

El Salvador will utilize the energy of volcanoes to mine BTC. This initiative was supported by the President of the country Naib Bukel.

According to the head of El Salvador, experts have opened a new source capable of providing about 95 MW of absolutely clean geothermal energy. The President supported the project to create a complete Bitcoins mining center around it.

“I just tasked the head of La Geo (the state-owned geothermal power company) to develop a plan to create the conditions for Bitcoins mining with very cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable energy from our volcanoes. It will evolve rapidly” – wrote President Bukel on Twitter.

El Salvador’s green mining plan has been backed by many Bitcoin supporters. In particular, the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey noted that in this way the cryptocurrency will become an incentive for the development of renewable energy.

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