ETHads Important Announcement

We have had a great start at ETHads, and it is only going to get better. One of the advantages we have versus Smart Contract ETH programs is the ability to react to the ever changing crypto environment.

As you have probably seen the ETH transaction fees have more than tripled since we launched one week ago. Our fees are still extremely low versus the other popular Smart Contract ETH programs. For grins I clicked into one of them today and on a 0.04 ETH payment the recommended fee was 0.17 ETH…OUCH !!

Right now the network fees we are seeing are approaching 0.008 ETH. As a result we have turned off automatic commission payments because Level 1 members are paying a 75-80% fee on the 0.01 commission payment and that does not make sense.

You will now see an ETH Withdrawal page in your back office. We set the minimum withdrawal at 0.10 ETH or greater. This will lower the fee to no more than 8% at the current transaction fee rates.

Again this is temporary and when the fees get back below 0.003 ETH as they were when we lauched we will turn automatic payments back on again.

Please note: upgrades can not be processed via internal fees as this is temporary until the fees drop back down and stablize.

We thank you for helping us have an awesome launch and we are committed to making ETHads a program you can be proud to support and recommend.


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