Ethereum cryptocurrency drops below $ 200

The Ethereum cryptocurrency exchange rate fell by 6.3% over the past day and fell to the mark of 197 dollars. The decrease in value was caused by an increase in trading volumes, which grew by 14.3% in 24 hours from a volume of $ 7 billion to 8 billion.

Dmitry Lavrov, one of the analysts, previously said that mark of $ 200 will be the key for altcoin. The next supporting zone should be at the level of 160 dollars. If the cryptocurrency drops below this value, then probability of a price drop to 100-80 dollars will sharply increase. The analyst assured that at these points you can see “interesting signals for the purchase of cryptocurrency”.


The market value of cryptocurrencies has fallen by $ 8 billion over the past 24 hours; today, capitalization is $ 255 billion. Almost all coins from the Top 100 Coinmarketcap rating fell in price, only 10 altcoins could remain with positive dynamics, 5 of them increased in value by no more than 2%.

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