Exploring Various Methods For Selling Gold Jewelry

The price of gold remains high, making it a great time to dig through your old jewelry box and get rid of some of those unwanted pieces. When it comes to how to sell your gold jewelry, there are plenty of options. This article will explain some of them.

One method for selling your unwanted jewelry pieces is by visiting a jewelry store. Many will buy antique pieces, either to re-sell the pieces in their store or melt the gold down and re-sell it by the ounce. While this method often offers an instant appraisal and can be quite convenient, the downside is that many jewelry stores will not offer the best prices on gold, as they are acting as a middle man and want to turn a profit. In addition, some stores are quite selective about the pieces they will accept, preferring to only purchase jewelry they can sell in their own store, rather than anything they would have to melt down and sell as gold by the ounce.

A second method for selling gold jewelry is by advertising the pieces yourself, on various Internet site or through more local “for sale by owner” options. This can net you a higher price on quality pieces that individuals would want to buy and wear, but it likely will not get you much for pieces that are more appropriate for melting down. In addition, you really need to know the gold market well to use this method, as you have to act as the appraiser and set your prices right in order to sell your jewelry quickly.

Finally, one of the hottest trends in selling gold is by visiting a gold party. These parties are offered in various locations across the country, often in individual’s homes and at times that are typically quite convenient. They provide a fun way to meet new people, get a fast appraisal for your jewelry pieces and get paid cash on the spot. For many, this is the perfect option for selling gold jewelry.

While there are many advantages to visiting a gold party, there are also some downsides. Before visiting a gold party, make sure it is run by a reputable company. Checking their reputation with the Better Business Bureau is one way to do this. In addition, make sure that your gold is not being weighed using one form of measurement but purchased using a different one. This is a scam used by some less reputable companies, and it can result in a much lower price being paid than what you are actually owed. Finally, make sure that you are being paid appropriate for the true karat value of your gold. Twenty four karat gold is worth more than lower karats, so be sure you know the true value of your gold before attending the party and that the representative pays you fairly for it.

Selling gold jewelry is a great way to make some extra money while getting rid of unwanted jewelry pieces. There are several different ways to go about doing this, and it is worth your while to investigate them all. Doing so will net you the best profits for your unwanted gold.

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