Facebook buys Servicefriend – the chatbots developer

Facebook acquired Israeli chatbot developer Servicefriend. The company plans to use the technologies of the project for its electronic wallet Calibra.

Facebook confirmed to Techcrunch reporters that they had bought the company. The profiles of Servicefriend co-founders on LinkedIn, Ido Arad and Shahar Ben, revealed that they had joined the Calibra team. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

Servicefriend creates chatbots for customer support services based on artificial intelligence technologies. On Facebook, the company’s developments will be used to serve Calibra customers, who will have questions about the Libra cryptocurrency.

Servicefriend used to collaborate with Facebook. The company developed chatbots for business pages on social network for scaling technical support through a messenger.

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On the Calibra website we can see the info that e-wallet will have round-the-clock technical support in WhatsApp and the Facebook messenger. Clients of the service will be able to send cryptocurrency to their contacts, pay bills, top up their phone balance and pay for purchases, Facebook promises. It is expected that the service will work in 2020.

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