Facebook has not abandoned plans to launch cryptocurrency in 2020

The American company Facebook will not postpone the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency, despite pressure from several governments, said project curator David Marcus in an interview with the Swiss newspaper NZZ.

Facebook’s project to launch its own cryptocurrency based on the social network of the same name, announced in June, was negatively received by state regulators in some countries. In particular, the governments of France and Germany announced the likelihood of blocking the Libra cryptocurrency because it could destabilize the financial system.

David Marcus said that these statements did not force Facebook to abandon plans to launch cryptocurrency. “The goal is still to launch Libra next year. Until this time, we must resolve all issues and work out the regulatory requirements” – said the representative of Facebook.

He assured that the Facebook cryptocurrency project will not affect the monetary policy of countries in which the use of Libra will be approved, nor will it affect interest rates or profitability.


In September, French Minister of Economics and Finance Bruno Le Maire, said that the French government will prevent the launch of Libra cryptocurrency in the EU.

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