Facebook held the largest personnel reshuffle to create a blockchain unit

In the Facebook leadership, the most significant personnel reshuffles occurred in the history of the company to form a separate unit, which will engage in blockchain technology.

It is reported that Facebook decided to shift the directors of WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook applications in order to build a new team for the unit. The new division will be headed by David Marcus, who previously was responsible for Facebook’s messenger application, and before working for Facebook he was the CEO of the PayPal payment system.

“After four incredibly fruitful years at the head of Messenger, I decided to take on a new challenge. I’m creating a small group to learn from scratch the advanced features of the blockchain on Facebook” Marcus wrote.

The publication emphasizes that at the moment it is not known what the unit will do, but they assume that it will develop a new cryptocurrency. Also, journalists refer to the January post of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in which he writes about the interest in cryptocurrencies. Previously, it was also reported that Facebook banned the advertising of cryptocurrency. Source: gazeta.ru

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