Facebook may be blocked in Russia due to “uncontrolled” cryptocurrency

This was stated by Dmitry Peskov the special representative of the Russian President for information technology.

The Russian President’s Special Representative for Information Technology, Dmitry Peskov, during an interview with the Reedus publication, did not rule out the blocking of Facebook and Telegram in Russia and in a number of other countries if their cryptocurrency becomes uncontrolled.

“If LIBRA cryptocurrency will work unchecked, the likelihood of a shutdown scenario not only in Russia but in all countries will increase significantly, this same may happen if GRAM will work unchecked (GRAM – Telegram cryptocurrency)” – Peskov said, stressing that it depends on the US government, not the Russian one.

Last summer, Facebook announced the testing of its own cryptocurrency LIBRA. It was planned that it will be backed by real reserves and assets around the world.


Some European countries have gathered at the legislative level to block LIBRA.

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