FC Bavaria will sell goods using blockchain

Bundesliga champion Bavaria football club announced to fans the opening of goods sales using blockchain. The club is also starting to collaborate with Stryking Entertainment, an innovative platform for the real-virtual world, to produce digital collectible items for its players.

Collectibles are digital cards with images of FC Bayern Munich players. Stryking also created a collectible fantasy card game. Football fans can create virtual competitions and play with each other with results obtained based on the current form and historical data. Player cards are blockchain based digital collectible non functional tokens (NFTs). This means that the blockchain has a limited number of cards and they become the full property of the buyer, after which they cannot be destroyed or altered in any way. In order to get tokens, players need to run fast and win competitions.

More clubs are expected to join Stryking as system licensing partners.

Football teams are actively introducing themselves into the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Spanish Real Madrid uses the Fantastec SWAP blockchain platform to host thematic content. With the new system, fans of the team will be able to trade licensed collectible cards and watch exclusive videos about the club.

In Italy, AS Roma will join the Socios blockchain based voting platform through a partnership with the sports and entertainment blockchain company Chiliz.

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Turkish “Galatasaray” is going to issue fan tokens, as well as “Roma” – tokens are based on the Socios blockchain.

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