First Bitcoin ATM at the Amsterdam airport

At the airport “Schiphol” in Amsterdam, there is new crypto-cash machine, in which you can exchange euros for bitcoins and ethereum. This is stated on the airport’s website.

“Schiphol” became the first European airport in which such a device is installed. It is planned that the ATM will be tested within six months, after which the airport management will decide whether it is necessary for passengers.

According to the director of the Schiphol airport for the development of consumer services Tanya Dick, travelers departing from the country can spend the remaining euros on the cryptocurrency. In addition to Schiphol, bitcoins can be purchased at airports in Japan and Australia.

In late May, London became the first city in the world to officially allow street musicians to accept contactless payments. “Now more Londoners will be able to support our talented street artists,” said London Mayor Sadik Khan, who publicly expressed his approval of the new system.

airport amsterdamRecently, the mosque in east London, Shacklewell Lane decided to accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as donations – this will expand the number of philanthropists, as well as reduce the duty for currency conversion. Source:

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