FlipNpik – social business network on the blockchain

When you like someone in the social network, do you get money for it? And for a sincere feedback about food in a restaurant or hotel? Is there a social network in the crypto community? The answer is the analysis of the FlipNpik project.

The international collaborative project FlipNpik, this year joined the Stellar blockchain system and introduced the world’s first decentralized social network to promote business in crypto-space. In fact, this is a ready-made business solution for small and medium-sized businesses, offering participants to increase the popularity and recognition of their brand, due to the developed platform ecosystem.

The idea of ​​the project

FlipNpik allows business projects to work with the audience of a social network, through the active involvement of real people, in the process of monetization. That is, users themselves advertise companies and promote them.

The platform offers both work and vacancies for members of the social network. Companies can find brand-ambassadors spreading information about projects, among their friends and users of social networks. The users themselves receive a reward on the Flip Social system, which can be converted into a FNP token, putting the likes, telling their friends about the advertised companies, as well as laying out photo and video projects.

The mobile application is already available on iOS and Android and is equipped with an interactive map, where the markers indicate the companies. By clicking on them, detailed information is available, including description, reviews / ratings, photos, videos, applications, news, promotions, online purchases, etc. Users themselves generate brand recognition, through both daily activities (shopping, restaurants, cinemas, sports halls, etc.), and carrying out orders for the dissemination of information.

An additional feature of the platform is the presence of entertainment applications, such as “Wheel of Savings” and “Surprise Box”, in which users can get tokens of the project. Developers as a whole strive to maximize the interest of their participants, so games will be added.

Financial Value

FNP – internal crypto currency, allowing to make purchases in the project application. Its cost is ensured by the presence of companies and the number of active participants. Since the number of tokens produced is limited, greater involvement leads to greater FNP value.

social networkThe system offers real earnings in the project’s tokens, which can be exchange to the Fiat. Its algorithm allows the social system to expand itself (by user forces), attracting new participants (both companies and users). For each bonus is provided. This automatically gives a direct income and increases the cost of FNP. The very company FlipNpik, actively promotes its project, attracting employers-investors. Source: pravda.ru

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