Football club Benfica will start accepting cryptocurrencies

Football club Benfica from Portugal will soon start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and the UTRUST token (UTK). All asset holders will be able to buy club attributes or tickets for future matches using crypto coins. The decision to start accepting cryptocurrency was made as part of the new strategy for marketing the club on the Internet.

The football club accepts cryptocurrency – Representatives of the club noted that there are now more than 14 million Benfica fans in the world who are ready to buy paraphernalia and attend team matches. Some of them are holders of cryptocurrency, because of which the introduction of support for digital assets will allow them to support idols in the most convenient way for them.

“Many supporters of the club are users of digital technology. Cryptocurrency is recognized as one of the most popular means of payment in online stores, which is why it would be foolish to ignore it. Fans are always important for every sports team, but it must also support them with modern solutions, ”said club director Domingos Soares de Oliveira.


For conducting financial operations with cryptocurrency will be the company UTRUST. In the application from it should appear tab “Benfica”, allowing purchases for coins. A similar option will be introduced on the official website of the club, which is now preparing for a planned rebranding.

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