Football players support blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The legend of world football, Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho (Ronaldo de Assis Moreira) announced the release of cryptocurrency Soccer Coin. The football token will be required for the development of the World Soccer Coin global blockchain project, the new company will build football stadiums, launch a football academy, and help to search talented players around the world.

The first two stadiums will appear in Asia before the end of the year, the founders of the project intend to build stadiums in 300 locations in total within three years, including in Africa and the Middle East.

The main idea of ​​World Soccer Coin is to connect the real world with the digital one: all smart stadiums will be equipped with smart technological solutions, including virtual and augmented reality, as well as blockchain (distributed registry technology will also be used for data storage). It is also planned to launch the Super League of Ronaldinho, in which both professional athletes and amateurs can participate. Also, its payment system will work; also there will be development of e-sports and sports betting connected with SoccerCoin project.

Ronaldinho is not the only football player who is looking towards participating in cryptocurrency projects. So, back in the spring of 2018, legendary football player Luis Figo started promoting the ICO platform Football-Stars, the first ICO in the fantasy football segment (virtual game in the genre of sports management). His own currency has already been released by the footballer of the Spanish club Real Madrid, Hames Rodriguez – for his JR10 tokens you can buy tickets for matches and football attributes. Footballer Michael Owen, who played for the English club Liverpool, did the same – he signed an agreement with the start-up Global Crypto Offering Exchange from Singapore. The agreement meant the issue of digital currency OWN.

footballOn the web portal CoinMarketcap there are 1633 digital currencies. If you believe Deadcoins web portal, at the moment there are already 833 digital currencies among the “dead” ones. Formally, they continue to exist, but their value does not exceed one cent. Source:

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