Former top manager VKontakte launches blockchain platform Mikado

The former technical director of VKontakte and the ex-employee of one of the Telegram structures Anton Rosenberg creates the Mikado blockchain platform. Anton together with partners expects to raise € 10 million for this project. Mikado plans to launch the sale of derivatives to the tokens of other projects. To create such a mechanism pushed high demand in the secondary market to Telegram tokens, but just with them Mikado does not plan to work because of the messenger policy.

The former director of special directions in Telegram messenger Anton Rosenberg told Kommersant that since the beginning of the year he is engaged in creating a blockchain platform for trading in derivative financial instruments of Mikado. The head structure of Mikado GmbH is registered in Austria. The general director of Mikado became Israeli businessman Andrei Naiman, Anton Rosenberg took the position of strategy director. “We are at the stage of implementing a solution that will allow companies to provide liquidity to blockchain tokens and trade these derivatives tokens on our exchange,” Mr. Rosenberg clarifies.

Anton Rosenberg left Telegram in April 2017, because of a “personal conflict with Nikolai Durov. ” The conflict ended in an agreement in October 2017. According to Mr. Rosenberg, the idea behind Mikado was born in the process of reselling telegram messenger tokens bought by investors during the first round of the ICO in January-February 2018. Following its results, the companies led by Pavel Durov TON Issuer Inc. and Telegram Group Inc. reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on attracting $ 1.7 billion from 175 investors in two transactions. TON Issuer Inc. and Telegram Group Inc. made a long lock up (the obligation of investors to refrain from selling tokens for a certain period of time), and after the first stage of the ICO, because of the huge demand for Gram tokens, a secondary market emerged, Andrei Naiman explains: “Most of those who received allocations rushed to sell them “. There was a problem of trust between the seller and the buyer of receipts for tokens, which should be solved by blockchain technology, he believes.

In this case, Telegram itself can not be a Mikado client in principle, notes Anton Rosenberg. “For some reason, Telegram quite strongly opposes any resale and assignment of rights to future tokens, depriving investors of liquidity. Moreover, in principle, the situation is possible when Telegram will not launch TON and return the remaining money to investors” – he explains.

According to white paper, Mikado planned to issue and place its own tokens in April-May to attract € 10 million. According to Andrei Naiman, Mikado agreed with investors to provide almost the entire amount, but suspended the placement until the planned release in July of the platform on the market.

digital world“The idea is correct, I do not see any direct analogues,” says Qiwi CEO Sergey Solonin. At the same time, the SEC prohibits the making of derivatives for unreleased tokens, and this limitation is covered by TON Issuer Inc. and Telegram Group Inc., he recalls. These are not the first derivatives for cryptocurrencies, there are already bitcoin futures, the CEO of Sputnik-Capital Management Alexander Losev adds. “Now the crypto currency market is beginning a phase of frustration, so the crypto investors have a desire to quickly get out of the game and get money from those who still believe in HYIP,” he said. The probability that the demand for derivative tokens will arise from institutional investors is not high, as it “increases the risks”, the expert believes. Source –

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