Gambling broke into the top among blockchain applications

The technology of blockchain, created to solve a variety of global tasks, is increasingly becoming a platform for casual applications. According to DappRadar, which monitors blockchain services, the leader in popularity in July were applications of gambling.

One such application is Fomo3D – it offers for users to earn on fictitious rounds of crypto-token (ICO) tokens sales. The popularity of this application has bypassed even the craze for breeding crypto-kittens. Last year’s Cryptokitties game, which allows to make and collect digital animals, collected $ 2.7 million in one a week.

Today, the audience of Fomo3D is five times higher than the number of digital zoo users, and the amount of real money that people spent on gambling was $ 40 million. Fomo3D is by no means the only gambling application in the blockchain environment. According to DappRadar, this category of services ranks second in terms of the amount of funds raised. Gambling in this list is second and first place is taken by exchange services.

tokensInterestingly, many creators of gambling blockchain applications have a dark past. So, according to rumors, the Brazilian gangster named “Broken Tooth” is associated with another gambling app Dragon Coin.

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