Game Stars Platform Prepares To Blast Crypto World. The 3rd and Final Stage Of Token Sale Ends Soon

Since the beginning of 2018 ICOs have raised over $5,3 billion. The key point of successful investment in any ICO is to choose the right project. Noticeable project with established real goals and provided solutions like Game Stars would be a good choice. The platform has already caused a stir both in crypto and gaming community. Tokens were sold out during the pre-sale stage, two stages of sales are completed, over 10000 gamers have left requests for smart contract. Game Stars has just launched the 3rd stage of the Token Sale and there is an opportunity to get a 10% bonus on GST purchase until June 30th, 2018. It’s the final stage of the sale, so hurry up.

eSports market players integration

Traders, gamers, sponsors, and team managers have shown great interest in the platform as it offers an ecosystem where eSports market player can integrate with no worries and troubles.
For players, it’s a chance to raise funding for their professional development.
For sponsors, it’s an investment opportunity. They can support promising players and get a share of their income.
For managers – a place to develop existing player and find new ones.
It’s the right time to join Game Stars now while tokens are still available at the primary price. As soon as GST is listed on exchanges, tokens won’t have the same cost. Detailed information about platform solutions is available in the F.A.Q. on the official website.

Specially for readers we’ve prepared a gift that will give you 20% bonus! How to get it?
Input our promo code “Cryptocoinsinfo” in the field and get not 10% bonus like everyone else but all 20% additional tokens on GST purchase!
Please note: the promo code is valid until the end of the 3rd stage that will end soon…. If you don’t know how to get GTS, please read our step-by-step guide here. Promo code is valid only if using BTC. The bonus is given once for the entire transaction. It’s applicable only once, if there are several donations an additional 10% will be added only to the first one.

The future of GST

Game Stars Token (GST) has aroused a great interest among the crypto community. The token is destined to grow in value after the end of the Token Sale:

  • Token emission is limited, there will be no new tokens issued;
  • As soon as the number of registered profi-users reaches 14285 there will be no tokens left in the platform;
  • GST will be allocated to YoBit and WEX exchanges after the end of the Token Sale;
  • Unsold GST will be burned.

More information about GST can be found in the White Paper.

The project and a unique smart contract that protects rights of all market player have been created by a team of professional developers and with the support of experienced advisors. The token is widely covered by world-known media and supported by gamers – over 10000 requests on smart contract have been received.

In order to participate in the Token Sale and get 10% bonus GST, visit the official website. Don’t miss the latest news of the project – subscribe to Game Stars accounts in social media and stay tuned.

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