Garmin Unveils Enduro Solar Charging Watch

Garmin has unveiled its Enduro smartwatch with a solar charging panel. This allows people to use the device on a single charge for up to one year in economy mode.

Such indicators of autonomous work are achieved due to the special Power Glass, which can charge the device from sunlight. The indicator is very impressive, because the manufacturer says that it is possible not to charge the Garmin Enduro for a whole year, if you use the power saving mode. If the watch is used as intended, the battery will last for 65 days. In GPS tracker mode, they will work for 70 hours. If at this time sunlight falls on them, then the time increases by 10 hours.

Among the functional there is everything you need for outdoor activities and sports. The screen with a diagonal of 1.4 inches and a resolution of 280 x 280 points displays information about the maximum level of oxygen consumption.

It also has a built-in heart rate monitor and rest timer, and if desired, the user can find out the level of stress or the intensity of the exercise being performed. There are various functions for jogging and cycling, as well as 10 ATM water protection. The steel version of the Garmin Enduro costs $ 800, while the lightweight titanium version will cost $ 100 more.

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