Georgia takes third place in the world in cryptocurrency mining

Georgia has become the third country in the world by the ratio of the number of miners to the population. About 10 percent of state citizens are engaged in cryptocurrency mining, but only 1 percent has this activity as the main source of income.

Mining in Georgia – BitFury is the most popular company in the country selling cryptocurrency mining devices. It accounts for approximately 4 percent of the total number of farms. In Georgia, the so-called amateur mining is very popular. It is enough to simply have a powerful personal computer and a stable Internet connection.

Miner plants in Georgia consume about 6 percent of the electricity. These indicators repeatedly caused unrest among officials trying to tax the industry, but civilian indignation left cryptocurrency mining independent. Experts say that the reason for the popularity of mining in the country is unemployment, reaching 12 percent.


The country’s advantage over other USSR former states is 21 hydropower plants, some of which are still operating today. The energy is very cheap – a kilowatt costs only 0.1 dollar.

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