Greetings from Chile! The country’s leadership has begun the development of laws for crypto business

According to the decree of the head of state, the presidential administration has begun to develop possibilities for the regulation of cryptocurrencies inside the country.

Until recently in Chile, the issues of Chilean regulation have ignored the president’s attention. However, as part of his last speech at the forum of the country’s finance commission, Mario Marcel, the head of the Central Bank of Chile, noted the need to control digital assets in the country, which drew the president’s attention to the problem. The head of the Central Bank explained that at the moment the cryptocurrencies do not have an official definition at the governmental level. Working with them outside the law does not allow to provide citizens of the country with the necessary level of security.

flagMario Marcel also noted that the regulation will be a step towards the users: the collection of data on participants in the crypto community will help to monitor the current situation in the market of the country’s cryptocurrencies market. To additional risks, with which regulation will allow to conduct effective struggle, referred to money laundering and terrorist financing. The presidential staff approved the beginning of the work. Source:

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